Saturday, May 31, 2014

Le Ptit Bar

The "Ptit bar" is an institution in the eleventh arrondissement of Paris. An unrealistic bar : tiny, 9 m2 with just enough place to put three bar stools, intact like 50 years ago , an old cat on a leash at the door and the most surprising, a bar run by a woman over 80 years ! When you walk into the bar, the first thing the bar tender tell you is to close the door not the cat escape. Perhaps the smallest and oldest autentic bar in Paris. The cheapest bear in the city. With a little luck, Mrs. Paulo, the bar owner, will sort the books she just bought and she will start a great conversation about books. Experience to do so soon , before the bar do no longer exist . The little bar 7 rue Richard Lenoir , 75011 Paris Open every day until 2am

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