Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A new “cats café” opens in Paris near the Bastille

Further to the success of the first bar Parisian cats, "Le Café des Chats" rue Michel-le-Comte (Paris 3rd) who regularly receives 250 customers a day, the owner Margaux Gandelon decided to open a second “cat café”. 

This “cats café” is open Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 10:00 p.m.  Cats have also their day off on Monday !

Indeed, the success of this first  “cats café” in Paris is such that you have to book three days in advance on weekends but also on weekdays. 

The new "Coffee Cats" is located 9 rue Sedaine, Paris, 11 th and is already home of 13 cute cats. This new “cat café” do not need any reservation.

In both places, hot and cold drinks and food service at meal times. 

Cats who are at home in these places are provided  by animal welfare association .Very  often , they are cats born in the streets or abandoned. Part of the profits is donated to the feline protection and retire fee is accrued each month for each cat in anticipation of his old age. 

Http://www.lecafedeschats.fr/ on the website ( in French only), you will find many tips on what and how  to do with cats during your visit. 

These “cats café” are highly recommended to people who dream of having a cat but do not have the opportunity and to all those who wish to relax amidst the purring