Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Hidden secret Paris : not really Paris but a rare discovery !

During a walk on the "Canal de l'Ourcq" between Paris and Sevran (superb walk) I discovered a unique restaurant in Bobigny.
 It is not Paris but the close suburbs. First of all it is a restaurant which plunges you in the atmosphere of Paris of the years 1960 / 1970, a nostalgic atmosphere.
 Frequented by the workers of the district and only known of the initiated ones you can eat there (only the midday) a copious typically French traditional kitchen, entirely "homemade" for an incredible price of 15 euros for a menu 3 courses: starter, main course, dessert and even 25 Cl of a small white wine, red or rosé to accompany the whole included in the price. It's incredible to find this price for a complete menu in Paris or its close suburbs.
 Moreover the owner is extremely friendly and will not hesitate to tell you lots of anecdotes about the city and the "Canal de l'Ourcq" and to joke with you. So even if the place does not correspond to your usual standards, do not hesitate to enter, you will not regret it.

The address: "La mascotte de l'Europe 58 rue Pasteur in Bobigny 

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